Ski Courses Pack for children and teenagers

lots of fun, 360-degree technique

CCM CAMPIGLIO Ski School is providing seasonal courses in which teaching is carried out by expert instructors from ski world context, for learning while enjoying!
Such courses are dedicated to any level children, from those who have just started skiing to the most experienced young skiers who just wish to improve their level by skiing constantly during winter.
Who will be part of the CCM ACADEMY, in addition to the possibility of having their own uniform, will be followed throughout the season by the same specialized teacher / coach. Students will be divided by age and by technical level. The proposed educational roadmap will be fun and stimulation, with targeted activities, games and exercises. During the season some competitions and technical tests will be organized to verify the high grade of improvement. In CCM ACADEMY, kids will combine the playful aspect with the educational one, looking for a way to meet the needs of many families who come to ski in Madonna di Campiglio.

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